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Shamsu Ddin
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Rig-GNS add-on.

Rig-GNS is a blender plugin for rigging and animating Genesis figure from Daz studios. It includes features for Copying animations from Mixamo as well as Daz animation Library. It also includes features for creating lip-sync and facial expressions.

Figuring new addon can sometimes be discouraging, which is why the Rig-GNS User-interface was created to make it as user-friendly as possible. The interface is divided into three main panels; the Rig-Genesis panel, the Animation panel, and the Lip-sync panel.

The Rig-Genesis panel contains buttons for importing and rigging the genesis figure with rigify. The animation panel assigns animations from Mixamo or Daz animation library to the figure. And the lip-sync aspect of the plug-in helps with the creation of lip-sync and expressions for the character. These various aspects of the add-on will be discussed in greater detail in later chapters of this Guide.

The plug-in was tested with Blender 2 series as well as blender 3 series. The genesis figure used during testing were exported from Daz studio 4.21 and prior versions. All testing was done on Windows 10 OS.

  • Rig Genesis figures in just few clicks.
  • Supports Genesis 3, Genesis 8/8.1 and Genesis 9 figures.
  • Retarget Mixamo and Daz animation to the figures.
  • Export keyframed animation from Blender to Daz.
  • Adjust animation templates for countless motion possibilities.
  • Auto mouth-shapes generation for Lip-sync.
  • Quick hair and Cloth Physics
  • Improved and simplified material shaders in both cycles and eevee.
  • Supports Blender 2 series   and Blender 3 series
  • Supports multiple figures in one scene.
  • Compatible with Daz to blender bridge as well as Diffeomorphic Daz Importer.

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Getting started with Rig-GNS Video Tutorial:

Exporting and Rigging; 



Last updated on March 23, 2023

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Rig Genesis figures in just few clicks.
Copy animation from Mixamo and Daz
Supports multiple figures in one scene.
Export animation from blender to Daz studio
Auto mouth-shapes generation for Lip-sync.
Compatible with DTB bridge and Diffeomorphic
Quick hair and Cloth Physics


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