Rig-GNS (Pro) 3.7.1

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Introducing Rig-GNS, a comprehensive Blender add-on tailored to enhance your rigging and animation experience for Genesis figures from Daz Studios. With a range of powerful features, Rig-GNS brings a range of essential features to streamline your character animation workflow and unlock the full potential of your creations.

Empower your character animations with Rig-GNS and experience the joy of seamless rigging and animation for your Genesis figures. Elevate your creative endeavors with this indispensable tool for Blender. Happy animating!

Key Features:

  • Rigify Integration: Rig-GNS allows you to rig your Genesis figures with Rigify's advanced rigging system with just a few clicks. This seamless integration creates several control bones, providing you with an array of options for easy and intuitive manual animation.
  • Animation Retargeting: Rig-GNS's "Ani-Mixa" tab effortlessly integrates with Mixamo, Daz, Rokoko, and the Actorcore Animation Library, allowing you to easily retarget animations to your Genesis figures.
  • Lip-Sync and Facial Expressions: Elevate your character animations with the intuitive "Lip-Meter" tab for lip-sync and facial expression, bringing lifelike emotions to your creations.
  • Cloth Simulation: Utilize the "Simu-Quick" tab for quick and efficient cloth and hair simulations, adding realism to your character effortlessly.

User-Friendly Interface:

We understand the challenges of learning a new add-on, which is why the Rig-GNS User-interface was meticulously designed to be user-friendly. The interface is thoughtfully divided into four main panels: Rigging panel, Animixa panel, Lip-meter panel and Simu-quick.

  1. Rigging Panel: Import and rig your Genesis figure with few clicks using the rigify functionality.
  2. Animixa Panel: Seamlessly assign animations from Mixamo or the Daz animation library to your Genesis figure.
  3. Lip-meter Panel: Create precise lip-sync and expressive facial animations for your character effortlessly.
  4. Simu-Quick Panel: It provides quick cloth and hair simulation for your character, ensuring realism.

Additional Features:

  • Broad Figure Compatibility: Rigging capabilities for Genesis 3, Genesis 8/8.1, and the latest Genesis 9 figures.
  • Flexible Animation Retargeting: Effortlessly retarget animations from Mixamo, Daz, Rokoko, and the Actorcore Animation Library to your Genesis figures, enabling versatile animation possibilities.
  • Export to Daz: Export keyframed animations from Blender to Daz Studio.
  • Adjust Retargeted Animation: Easily fine-tune retargeted animations for precise body tilt and control of body parts.
  • Auto Mouth-Shapes Generation: Achieve precise and natural lip-sync with automatic mouth-shapes generation.
  • Quick Hair and Cloth Physics: Enjoy the convenience of quick and efficient hair and cloth physics simulation.
  • Enhanced Material Shaders: Improved and simplified material shaders for both Cycles and Eevee render engines.
  • Multiple Figure Support: Work with multiple figures in a single scene, providing a streamlined workflow for complex projects.
  • Integration with Daz Add-ons: Compatibility with Daz to Blender Bridge as well as Diffeomorphic Daz Importer.

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Compatibility and Testing:

Rest assured, Rig-GNS has been thoroughly tested with both Blender 2 series, Blender 3 series and Blender 4. The Genesis figures utilized during testing were exported from Daz Studio 4.21 and prior versions. Rig-GNS operates flawlessly on both Windows and Mac OS.

For an in-depth understanding of all the aspects and capabilities of the Rig-GNS add-on, refer to the comprehensive User Guide, which provides step-by-step instructions and detailed explanations.

Getting started with Rig-GNS Video Tutorial:

Exporting and Rigging; 



Last updated on November 23, 2023

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Rig Genesis figures in just few clicks.
Copy animation from Mixamo, Daz, Rokoko and Actorcore
Supports multiple figures in one scene.
Export animation from blender to Daz studio
Auto mouth-shapes generation for Lip-sync.
Compatible with DTB bridge and Diffeomorphic
Quick hair and Cloth Physics


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Rig-GNS (Pro) 3.7.1

43 ratings
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